Tessa is the founder and Creator of the Dancercise Kids business systems


In describing herself, Tessa Pfeifer likes to refer to very fitting lyrics from the universally popular Swedish band ABBA: “Mother said I was a dancer before I could walk. She says I began to sing long before I could talk.”  

Having put on dancing shoes at a young age, Tessa’s love for performing grew during her youth and quickly turned into a career. At just 17 years old, Tessa taught dance classes in high school and even began writing her own original songs and curriculum. It was quite clear from the beginning Tessa was not only an entertainer, but an entrepreneur as well. She quickly learned the demand for her original curriculum was a full-time job.  

Launched as a mobile program in Minnesota in 1987, Dancercise Kids® uses original music and creative movement to inspire, motivate and teach children important life lessons about healthy habits, safety, history, manners, language and much more. Having written and recorded the curriculum with a multi-talented musical team, Tessa has turned this business into a consistently effective business model.  

Over the course of her career, Tessa has personally trained hundreds of instructors and has grown the mobile enrichment business in her home state of Minnesota. The lessons she’s learned in creating, growing, and managing a mobile enrichment program – from creating long-term trusted partnerships with childcare centers, to managing those essential relationships customers (kids and parents), to hiring and training the best instructors – are available now through Dancercise Kids® Business Systems.


Anna Argint started dancing at the age of 5 in St. Paul, Minnesota. She fell in love with the magic of dance and musical theater. During her experience working with children in the local community center, she found a passion for teaching as well. Anna graduated with her degree in Dance Education in 2002 and started working as an instructor for Dancercise Kids®, under the direction of Tessa Pfeifer. She traveled to child care centers and preschools to educate children ages 2-6. On evenings and weekends, she taught at local dance studios.  

While teaching at area dance studios, Anna noticed a need for diversity and inclusion within the dance community. She turned that into a mission to help children of all races/religions/genders come together to create a community to grow using performing arts. Anna opened her dance and music studio, Dance-N-Magic, in the heart of St. Paul where she touched the lives of thousands of families. She utilized the Dancercise Kids® curriculum within her studio environment to help educate students and grow enrollment.  

After owning and operating the studio for 10 years, Anna felt a calling to help other business owners. She devoted her time to education and received her bachelor's in Business Administration in 2019. She then re-joined the Dancercise Kids® Team in a new role, to operate the Business Systems division. Anna now has a new mission, to help foster a community of small business owners who want to start or grow profitable, impactful, and inclusive enrichment programs within their own communities. 


Simon Wiltshire is the Chief Operating Officer of Dancercise Kids®. He has over 25 years of experience in business with Fortune 500 companies, including Accenture, UnitedHealth Group, FICO and Acxiom. HIs expertise ranges from technology development and operations, to product management and digital marketing operations.  

In his role with Dancercise Kids®, Simon is responsible for the development and support of our Customer Management and Billing (CMB) software, our website properties, and our business operations systems. Using his accumulated experience, he’s personally contributed to many of the operational training aspects of the courses that make up the Dancercise Kids® Business Systems. He’s also a musician and is responsible for writing many of the songs that constitute the Dancercise Kids® Curriculum.


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Dancercise Kids Curriculm


The Dancercise Kids® Curriculum is designed for dance and fitness teachers who enjoy working with young children. It includes everything needed to educate and engage students ages 2 to 8 years old. The curriculum rotates monthly with 3 years worth of comprehensive lesson plans, laid out in monthly quarters that focus on early childhood development. Each exciting month includes choreography and exercises focusing on: Warm-up, Jazz, Ballet, Tap, Creative Movement, and Tumbling. In addition, the curriculum includes the use of Sign Language to engage fine motor and communication development. Your monthly subscription includes:

  • Access to the Dancercise Kids® Curriculum
  • All original and Award-Winning Music
  • Use of the Dancercise Kids® Logo
  • Selling Guide for Studios and Gyms
  • Monthly Membership Newsletter
  • Self-paced Instructor Training, featuring:
  • *How to Teach Dancercise Kids *Class Management 101

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Owner Operator Membership

$299/mo or $2999/year

Recommended for new business owners starting their enrichment program. Our Owner/Operator Membership includes:

  • Dancercise Kids® Curriculum, Music, and Teacher Training
  • Access to our DK Community Forum
  • Database Access and Training for: *Customer Management *Account and Billing Management *School and commission Management *Teacher and Schedule Management *Performance Management 
  • Self-paced business lessons and templates in: *Getting Started and Business Plan *Administrative Training *Program Development *Managing Accounts and Billing *Optimum Scheduling *Building Customer Loyalty 
  • Monthly Business Webinars
  • Dancercise Kids® Logo
  • Documents and Marketing Templates
  • Monthly Membership Newsletter
  • Website Development and Hosting (optional, one time $199 design fee)
  • One on One consultations (optional, additional fee)

Limited Spots Available:

Business Builder Membership

$599/mo or $6499/year

Recommended for the growing business ready to hire additional teaching staff. Our Business Builder Membership includes:  

Everything from the Owner Operator Membership Level, plus: 

  • Dancercise Kids® Trainer Certification 
  • Database Access and Training for: *Employee Payroll *Multi-Schedule Planning *Annual Performance Management *Costume Management 
  • Self-paced Business Lessons and Templates in: *How to Multiply Your Classes *Employee Hiring and Training *Employee Management and Retention 
  • National Customer Referral
  • Access to Costume Discount

Limited Spots Available:

Executive Membership

By estimate

Reccomended for the Executive Leader wanting to expand their business with additional administration staff and a team of teachers.

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What is an Enrichment Program?Y

An Enrichment Program Teacher or Coach travels to schools, child care centers, preschools, and day care centers to share their talents. They provide edcational material to students using fun and engaging curriculum.

The Dancercise Kids curriculum is designed for teaching in these preschool settings. It is super fun for both boys and girls. It includes real dance: jazz, ballet, tap, tumbling, and creative movement. Each monthly unit includes specially designed early childhood education focused music, movement, and sign language to help children to grow and learn.

We at Dancercise Kids have a mission to support enrichment program teachers, coaches, and admin staff to be able to have thriving and engaging businesses. We help them fulfill their dream and support them with tools and technology to help their business grow.


We at Dancercise Kids have a mission to help you and your business succeed. We do this by utilizing technology, expertise, curriculum, and community.

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Utilizing Technology, Expertise, Curriculm, and Community

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Teach Dance at child care centers and schools using our proven system

We're here to help you start or grow your dance enrichment program using our DK business systems. We utilize Technology, Expertise, Curriculm, and Community to provide you with a full business suite. Our proven system has helped to grow many successful programs, and we look forward to helping you. Want to find out more? Click below to get your "Enichment Program Profit Calculator" Enjoy!

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Our multi-user cloud based softare system and database featuring:

  • Customer Management
  • Billing Management
  • School Management
  • Class Management
  • Employee & Payroll Management
  • Schedule and Calendar Management
  • Recital Managemnt
  • Website Design and Hosting (additional cost)


Learn from our 30+ years of building and operating successful enrichment programs:

  • Online Business Training, Featuring: *Administration *Program Development *Hiring & training * and more....
  • Monthly Live Webinars with recording
  • Expert answers and support in our Member Forum
  • One on One Consultations with Tessa, founder of Dancercise Kids (additional cost)


Our original early childhood based currculum features:  

  • Award winning music 
  • 3 full years of lessons (released monthly)
  • Real Dance: Jazz, Ballet, Tap, Creative Movement, Fitness, and Tumbling
  • Written and Video learning options
  • Academic focus
  • Fun for Boys and Girls 
  • Teacher and classroom behaior management training for early childhood ages


Our member platform builds community and answers your questions.

  • 24/ access to our oline member forum
  • Seprate Channels with a convenient search feature
  • A community of supportive business owners
  • Monitored by Experienced Staff
  • Access to our group costume discount
  • National Customer Referral
  • Inclusion in our member database


Each Dancercise Kids® location is an independant licensee of the Dancercise Kids® Business Suite.

Twin Cities Area, MN, USA

The Minesota location is where it all started! Tessa and her family still own and operate the original Dancercise Kids® location, with the help of an amazing team.

The Dancercise Kids® mission is to help children build strong minds and happy hearts. We do this by making fitness fun. Whether it’s the basics of dance or creative movements, kids always have fun, and learn lifelong skills in Dancercise.


Milwaukee Area, WI, USA

Creative Caterpillar LLC is a family company founded on the certainty that our world is better with more creative people in it. We believe in engaging and fostering the creative and expressive spirit in young people through creative dramatics, dance, music and storytelling. Our Mission is to help children to find, explore and express their natural creative brilliance.


Madeline Carpenter

Getting Started with Your Website Content

Whether you’re building your first website or optimizing a current one, there comes a time for every entrepreneur to revisit what makes an outstanding small business website.

Afterall, you need your website to do it all: represent your business, capture leads, close sales, climb to the top of search engine results, and connect to all your other digital platforms seamlessly. And you—you have to do it all too: choose your content, write & design your pages, connect your marketing tools, test it out, and not spend a million dollars or hours getting from A to B to blastoff.

In this article, we’re going to walk you through the 5 proven tips that will help take you from ‘I need a website’ to ‘my website does wonders for my business.’

Need Some Help Getting Your Small Business Online?

Shorten your learning curve, make the most of your resources, an maximize your impact both online and off.


Writing More Content Here 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 


Madeline Carpenter is the founder of Market ‘Til You Make It. When she’s not serving her clients, she geeks out on board games, cider, and challenging her friends to top her awesome karaoke skills. She calls Bloomington, Minnesota home.

How I Boosted my Studio's Profit with the Dancercise Kids Curriculum

Anna Argint

Why I chose Dancercise Kids...

I had been teaching Dancercise Kids at Day Care Centers for many years before opening my own studio in the heart of St. Paul, Minnesota. When choosing curriculum, I knew Dancercise Kids was the best one out there for early childhood development. It was great for both Boys and Girls, it was easy to train other teachers, and it allowed for children as young as 2 years old to participate without their parent in the room. The early education focused curriculum was easy to sell to parents, especially when I explained that how it incorporates sign language for both large and fine motor skill development.  

What I didn’t know at the time, was how choosing this curriculum would positively affect my profit. I’ll break down a few numbers for you.  

Interested in building your Dance Studio's Profit?

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I offered the classes to children ages 2- 6 years old. The curriculum is so versatile that I was able to easily teach this range of kids together as they were all beginner level dancers (eventually, after children had taken Dancercise Kids for 2-3 years, I did move the older ones into higher levels.) Because I was able to have a wide age range in one class, I was able to offer sections numerous times a week. Parents could choose the day they liked best, and siblings could dance in the same class. The kids were learning so much that it quickly became our most popular class! Those classes were almost always full, but even if I did have a student drop, I could easily bring in a new student because the curriculum changes monthly. I found that with my older classes, it was much harder to jump in mid-season. So, there I was with 6 classes a week of Dancercise Kids, each with 10 kids in them. I charged between $47-57 per month per student for their 30-40-minute weekly class. But we were still growing!! I decided to train up additional instructors. It was so easy because the videos did most of the work, I just let them shadow me for a few classes and eventually they were able to take over. We were easily able to add additional classes. The best part was that we were able to retain most of those students as they got older and easily transition them into our more traditional dance classes. Dancercise Kids was a feeder class, in addition to our most profitable class. Our studio was like their second family; where they grew up. They have found memories of their time spent in our Dancercise Kids classes. Many of our dancers are still dancing today because it sparked passion and a love for the art of dance.


Anna Argint, former Dance Studi Owner and current Dancercise Kids Staff. When she’s not serving her customers, she geeks out on puzzles, tea, and random dance parties with her 4 kids. She enjoys traveling with her husband, and calls beautiful Minnesota home.

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