The System


The Dancercise Kids® System provides you everything you need to start or grow your mobile dance program: Expertise, Technology, Curriculum, and Community.


Learn from our 30+ years of building and operating successful mobile dance programs through our online business training, including hundreds of lessons on topics such as: 

  • Setting up and running your business 
  • Understanding your market 
  • Selling your program to childcare centers 
  • Hiring & training great teachers 
  • Ensuring consistency and quality 
  • Building customer loyalty 
  • Classroom and behavior management and more....  
  • Access to regular live and recorded webinars  
  • One-on-one consultations with our experts  
Included with Membership

"Tessa has been a mentor of mine for over a decade and has always been cheering me on! Tessa has devoted her life to cultivating this amazing program and it shows! Her cheery disposition makes you feel welcome to come to her with questions from any aspect of the business. Whether I need advice about a teacher, a school or a more technical question, she always has a quick response time and will not give up until the issue has been solved." Andrea


Our secure, cloud-based business management system, including features such as: 

  • Customer Accounts 
  • Invoicing 
  • Web-based Registration 
  • Class Scheduling 
  • Child Enrollment 
  • Employee Records 
  • Attendance Tracking 
  • Commission Payments 
  • Credit Card Processing 
  • Parent Statements 
  • Recital Management 
  • Integrated E-Mail 
  • Contact Management 
Included with Membership

"The CMB billing system is the backbone of my business. Without it, I would be lost trying to track students, manage parent accounts, print payroll, calculate commissions, etc. Tessa has created the CMB program to tailor every aspect of running the Dancericse Kids program from any area of the world. I couldn't imagine running my business without it!" Andrea


The Dancercise Kids® Curriculum is designed for teaching dance and fitness to boys and girls, ages 2 to 8. Featuring our original music, no additional licenses beyond your monthly subscription are required. 

The curriculum spans three years, each of which has 4 quarters that cover fitness and healthy habits, social skills, communication skills and performance arts. 

Each quarter is divided into three monthly units, covering topics as diverse as Animals, Manners and Muscles. Each unit contains one each of Fitness, Jazz, Ballet, Tap and Creative Movements, as well as a Tumbling skill. A unit provides you with full written choreography, song lyrics, lesson plans, instructional demonstration video, and downloadable music. 

The curriculum also includes the use of American Sign Language to engage fine motor skills and communication development. Your monthly subscription also includes: 

  • Use of the Dancercise Kids® logo, subject to specific usage license  
  • Monthly membership newsletter 
  • Self-paced training including: * How to Teach Dancercise Kids® * Class Management 101 * How to Sell Dancercise Kids® in Studios and Gyms

"The Dancercise Kids curriculum couldn’t be more fun! I get to go to work everyday and see the little ones learning while having fun AND getting exercise. The music is so catchy and each song tells a story. Tessa really has put together an amazing curriculum!" Janese


Our member platform builds community and answers your questions. 

  • 24/7 access to our online member forum 
  • Separate topics, with a convenient search feature 
  • A community of supportive business owners 
  • Monitored by experienced Staff 
  • Access to our group costume discount 
  • National Customer Referral 
  • Inclusion in our member referral site  

"Seeing the kids is a great and energetic start to my morning, and best of all, we get to dance! This is not your typical job, and it really has given me a sense of community and has allowed me to meet new people as well." Emily